The Painting: Inspired by the Art of Mira Hermoni-Levine

The Power of Witnessingfrom The Power of Witnessing: Reflections, Reverberations, and Traces of the Holocaust: Trauma, Psychoanalysis, and the Living Mind (Mar 27, 2012)
by Nancy R. Goodman and Marilyn B. Meyers

The painting of my mother was inspired by an experience I had over 10 years ago… . I was in a shopping mall in Chicago and looked through the window of the Joseph Glimer Gallery. I was moved to tears by Mira’s paintings. The gallery owner called the artist, Mira Hermoni-Levine, in Jerusalem while I was sitting there to tell her about my strong emotional reaction to her paintings. The paintings communicated to me the capture of the souls of young girls who carried a familiar, haunting, and lonely pain. 1 trusted that the pain depicted in the painting was connected to the Holocaust. Mira’s story is that her father survived the Holocaust but lost his wife and daughter, who was named Mira. He remarried, and his second wife gave birth to my now very dear friend, Mira Hermoni-Levine. Mira is an incredible artist and human spirit. She currently lives in Jerusalem and lives passionately as wife, mother, grandmother, and extraordinary artist. She also carries the haunting, compelling internal burden of living her own life as well as expressing the unlived life of an unknown sister after whom she was named…